Welcome to my recipe blog! Here you will find my homemade gluten-free and lactose-free recipes and some gluten-free cooking tips.

A few years ago I started with a dairy and gluten intolerance. So I started cooking gluten-free and lactose-free, and at first it wasn’t that easy. I quickly realized that it’s not the same to cook without gluten, especially when it comes to preparing desserts and sweets.

Cooking and baking without gluten is very different from the conventional or normal way with gluten. Gluten-free flour is sometimes a bit complicated, especially if you want to bake bread, because the texture is completely different. Trying to make a fluffy and elastic dough is not easy.

Gluten is the protein that binds doughs and makes them elastic, moist and with a spectacular crumb. When you cook without gluten, the texture of desserts, sweets and doughs changes dramatically. It is not easy to learn how to replace gluten with other ingredients to achieve a similar result.

banana bread
recetas de pan sin gluten
recetas sin gluten

It is not the same to prepare a bread dough with gluten as without gluten.

cómo hacer tu propio pan sin gluten
pan sin gluten
receta de pan sin gluten

Finding gluten-free products that are good and taste good is sometimes a challenge, especially when it comes to baked goods.

The market has gradually embraced gluten-free and lactose-free products. The problem is that gluten-free products are sometimes not particularly good or healthy because they are highly processed and contain a lot of sugar, fats, etc. So the best way to eat healthy is to make them yourself.

Eating gluten-free or lactose-free can be difficult at first, but gradually you get used to it and reinvent your kitchen. Here you can find out how to cook a lot of gluten free and lactose free recipes with the same taste as always.

sin gluten


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